Season Your Kitchen With Love

Season Your Kitchen With Love

Even if you loved your kitchen before and found it perfect in every way, we're guessing it's starting to wear on you nearly one year into the pandemic. And if you didn't love spending time in your kitchen before, well, you don't love being in there now. 


Falling In Love With Your Kitchen 

When it comes to falling in love with your kitchen, a few factors are at play. The most obvious is aesthetics. There's also the functionality of the kitchen. And then, among other things, there's YOU. How prepared are you? Do you have what you need? How do you feel when you're in your kitchen?  


Make it a place you love 

Somewhere you want to be in! That means a bright white kitchen with pops of color and things we love. Keeping it clean and tidy has also helped me want to go into the kitchen more, which is never wrong. Try our best to keep the sink empty of dishes; such a simple thing tends to go a long way to making the space feel more inviting. It's not always this way!!! But it's something we've noticed does make a big difference when it does happen. Also, you all know how much fresh flowers are loved, and keeping some in our kitchen always makes me happy. 


Never Go To Bed With A Dirty Kitchen 

Clean the sink every night clean (and even polish it), so the following morning things are tidy for the start of the day. There's nothing worse than waking up and seeing last night's dinner mess. The Electrolux RealLife XXL fully integrated dishwasher is larger than most dishwashers, meaning you can fit everything in and don't need to worry about hand-washing or leaving dirty items for the morning. 


Make Each Meal An Occasion 

Always set the table when you eat, don't just save the tablecloth. Placemats, candles, and flowers for when you have guests over. It brings a sense of occasion to every meal, including breakfast, and can help build connections with loved ones while you're self-isolating. 


Add some light 

A dark kitchen is never fun (and can be pretty dangerous for knife-wielding home cooks!). We're big fans of lights under your upper cabinets. These are battery-powered and don't require installation, and we have been amazed at the difference a few plug-in pendant lights can make. 


Make The Food You Love, And Keep It Simple 

Often we feel overwhelmed by tons of pressure to make the perfect meal. We think one of the best ways to eliminate stress here is to start straightforwardly. This year, we have realized how many foods you prepare in one step (roasting, sautéing, boiling, or even assembling raw) and plenty of one-pot dishes and meals. But most importantly, make the things you love! Think about the food you liked growing up and the recipes you grew up with at home.  



All your kitchen needs are just a bit of touch, and it will become a place you will love so much. At our store, you will find all the products you need to make you fall in love again with your kitchen. Check out our store here for your desired kitchen products.